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Industry Divisions

We have various divisions dedicated to researching and recruiting specific industry niches. We possess both the market & industry knowledge combined with aggressive recruiting and negotiating skills to deliver the most qualified candidates every time, on time. In order to provide superior service in various disciplines, we have multiple divisions to help serve you.

  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Infrastructure
  • Power & Energy
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Science
  • Food & Beverage,
  • Automotive Industries,
  • Banking & Financial Services,
  • Consumer Goods and Service Industry

Recruitments we have handled :

  • 1. CEO/Top Mgmt/COO/Business Head
  • 2. Prod/Operation/Manufacturing
  • 3. Design/Development
  • 4. Maintenance-Elect/Mech/Elect
  • 5. Mat-Mgmt/Purchase/Proc./Vendor Dev
  • 6. Stores/Logistics/Supply Chain
  • 7. Project Mgmt/Site Engineers
  • 8. Quality Control/QA/QS/TQM
  • 9. R&D/Engineering/Testing
  • 10. EDP/MIS/IT
  • 11. Engineers-Sales/Service/Parts
  • 12. Environment/Safety/Security
  • 13. Human Resources/Industrial
  • 14. Sales/Business Dev/ Mktg/Brand Mgmt
  • 15. Accounting/Taxation/Audit/Treasury/Forex

Executive Search

Hiring for a Board Member/CXO level candidate is a very crucial task for any organization as these vital positions write the success of the company. In this changing and competitive market, all of us acknowledge the critical importance of good leadership to the success of any organization and organizations need to strategically manage leadership transitions. Thus many organizations are now are increasingly turning to specialized search firms to help them find leaders who can take them to newer heights. The core management team at TalentOne has years of proven background in successfully fulfilling CXO level positions with fortune 500 clients as well as small to mid size organizations.


We act as a recruitment partner with our client to find the best talent so their HR and top management can focus on their core business and reduced the cost, time and efforts for their recruitment process. We'll work with you to understand your corporate strategy, objectives and workplace environment to develop a clear picture of your needs, then analyze data that identifies the key skills, knowledge and behaviours required for each position within your organization. When you need to hire permanent staff, Drake's Consultants seek out and send you a short-list of only the very best.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is when a service provider acts as a company's internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. RPO providers manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the on-boarding of new hires, including staff, technology and reporting. The transition, transformation and delivery of outsourced processes are carried out onsite or offsite or both, encompassed by an application tracking system. Cost efficiency, centralized functionality, perpetual process improvement, flexibility and employer branding are few RPO drivers, with added benefits of helping HR and line managers to concentrate on strategic functions.

Bulk Recruitment

When companies are growing and looking to fill numbers of entry level/graduate trainee positions within their deadline, we have the ability to fill a variety of positions across different industries on a daily basis with the right candidate "fit".

Partnerships approach

We believe in building a long term relationships with our client on trust, transparency and reliability, partnering with them to provide long term recruitment solutions and make their life easier.


we offer search and recruitment, locally and internationally. We have the right resources to access top talent worldwide thus eliminating the need to spend time searching for a new qualified staffing firm in different geographies.

Strategic Recruiting

we leave no stone unturned in our search for the right candidate. We begin each search by developing a recruiting strategy specific to the client's needs, incorporating both passive and proactive methods to identify potential candidates. We use innovative recruiting strategies and tactics that go beyond advertising and job posting boards.


Our team will assess your firm's staffing objectives, profiles, and needs before providing carefully matched candidates.

Standard process

Our candidates are pre-screened by our staff of industry-trained recruiters prior to being presented to our clients, therefore minimizing the risks associated with hiring. Our clients benefit from a tailored, knowledge-based approach to client service.